The Measure Of / Sword Swallower

by sword swallower

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released June 22, 2013

The Measure Of
Drums tracked and edited by Matthew Hagerman
All other instrumentation and vocals tracked by Nicholas Ross
Mixed by Nicholas Ross
Mastered by Crystal Clear Studios
All music and lyrics by The Measure Of
Art by Kyle McCoy

Sword Swallower
Recorded and mixed by Dylan Piskula at Two States.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Sword Swallower did the other things.



all rights reserved


sword swallower Chicago, Illinois

Christopher Cendejas - Drums
Marno - Vocals
Vince Aguilar - Guitar
Dave Collis - Bass

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Track Name: The Measure Of - Morosely
The sun severed from the sea, the separation each convinced they need. A Polaroid stored and tucked away. Heart in throat; a photo forever misplaced. A stream of nostalgia projects on parchment skin, stones washed away only to be reborn again. I made it out alive. I shed myself and left my skin behind. Unleash the overman. I arrange myself in garden dirt to cover my bones in disarray and that’s okay, because on most days I contain context, style, and grace. You claim all three but you fucked art with red lipstick and a leech. Your parents were justified when they never decoded a foreign language. We know you’re above love and I’m below it. Stamp forever on your wrist for just a moment. You’ve never been opposed to gold and guns. You’ve never read the blood red words that I’ve read.
Track Name: The Measure Of - Vile
I broke my watch when I knocked upon your door. We made a pact to never go back. Awakened and free we scraped our knees jumping down to hear what the breeze sings, violent swings we curse the ground. What lies beneath the man- made gray guilt smudged below our feet? Awakened and free, we scraped our knees. Awakened and free. The shock travels from hand to limb, but I honor the promise with prose and pen. My liver, my spine, my listless mind. Swallow me with keen dirt and kiss the scars on my hands. Shuffle our feet to the edge of the cliff, share goodbyes, and lock fucking lips. The world forever yours and mine, but god damn forever is such a long time.
Track Name: Sword Swallower - Vice Principles
The times we've shared together have been nothing less than cherished and this is not a goodbye or cutting of ties, just a self fulfilled prophecy or "I told you so". I'll never forget those nights- you saved me from flesh hungry swine, drinking wine from a camera lens, friends and friendly scars, building lungs with tar and the mold in our hearts, attempting to suppress the silly stress that manifests as a weighted fucking chest. "To the beach!" we say with pastry eyes- over glazed. Hop on a six train to Lake Michigan shouting, "The night has just begun!" We'll sleep when we're red, or well read, or just too tired I guess. It doesn't make any difference when you have the same goal or gall and alcohol. You laid down on the docks claiming it was far enough, scared of a clarity you could touch, and I sympathized with lies for a really long fucking time. Besides, you've always known I belong in the water alone. I belong in the water alone.
Track Name: Sword Swallower - Meatmouth
Your focus and ambition is impressive, but you'll never get out of this one alive. No. Maybe not never. At least, not without the help of your friends. You're killing yourself with a fucking pen. You told me once that the men who wander falter. I took it to heart, with many endeavors, knowing I'll never achieve perfection, but perfection is fiction. Now, while I build bridges in the middle of mountains, you will reach a summit. It will be beautiful. You will stand alone. You will be alone. I know you're scared. I can't tell you how to live your life. There is no right or wrong. I just need to see you more often. I need to know that you want to be alive.